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A Philosophical Question

“What would you ask if there was God?” a printed ad in a tram asked me, and other passangers, on my way to the office. Identity of the group behind the ad aside, the question struck me by how it missed the primary concern. My first-hand experience is that people most prominently ask “Is there a God?”

I would not be printing an ad with the question quoted at the beginning of this post. I would be just happy knowing there is Someone out there: if there is a God, there can be life after death and many other nice things. Of course, the question “Why does he permit the suffering?” is important too because most people feel it conflicts with the idea of a loving Creator. So why not ask what people ask?

Upon further reflection, I came to envy the person who wrote that brief question for the poster. Maybe it does not make for an effective ad; but to him or her, God’s existence is probably not something to agonize over but a real fact of life. And that person has likely already asked and answered all the important questions related to this fact. And now, dear passengers, it is your turn. As for me, I would humbly appreciate if I could answer the “second” question.

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