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The design of the pages is my adaptation of Peter A. Jensen’s Fjords04 theme template (Fjords04 was based on Qwilm! created by Oriol Sanchez whose work was based in turn on Lokesh Dhakar’s design). The fonts used are Graublau Sans by Georg Seifert (distributed by for headings, and Lido stf by František Štorm for body text. (You need a browser supporting ‘@font-face’ web fonts to see those.) The title font is Scriptina by Apostrophic Labs.

The site is powered by the WordPress publishing platform and hosted by Webhostgiant. It also takes advantage of a number of existing plugins, including Get Recent Comments, Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (with added excerpts), Latest Post From Each Category (modified to be expandable), jQuery lightBox, Search Unleashed (which I translated into Czech), Subscribe To Comments, and code for styling of comments by Christian Montoya.

Notes on Browsers

The site is written in html 5 and optimized for modern browsers (Mozilla Firefox 3.6, Safari 4.0, Internet Explorer 8 and Google Chrome 4.0). Audio and video is served using html for browsers that support this. Known issues include WebKit browsers (Safari and Chrome) leaving ‘ghosts’ in the previews of recent comments (I have filed a bug); and Opera misplacing pop-up footnotes so you often cannot see them. The web fonts will not display properly unless you use Firefox or Safari. (Opera 10 added support for web fonts but the current implementation is flawed.)

If you subscribe to some of the available web feeds I made a decision not to include the full articles because of the extra features (footnotes, fact-boxes etc.) that are available on the website.