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You can easily subscribe to various rss web feeds to keep track of the news at Soukie’s Place (or alternatively use email notifications). The following paragraphs explain how you can fine-tune your subscription to get what you are interested in.

To subscribe, click on the feed icons (web feed) you see on this site, or click the feed icon in the address bar or tool bar of your browser which will list available feedsIf you do this on this page, you will get access to all feeds described below, except for the article-specific comment feeds. for that page. For external readers, you can copy the feed addresses from this page.

You can subscribe to the Main Feed web feed which will keep you updated about all new articles. []

Another option is to subscribe to individual feeds for articles in categories you are interested in. You can use the following list for this:

If you are interested in following the comments for a particular article, you can enter your email when leaving a comment for the article and be notified that way. (Your email address will never be shared with anyone, and you can easily manage your subscriptions.) Another option is to subscribe to the feed displayed under the ‘Comments’ heading under the particular article.

There is also a Comments Feed web feed containing new comments for all articles. []