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What Makes a Schattenjäger

Portrait of Gabriel Knight, the main protagonist of the series

A portrait of Gabriel Knight, the main protagonist of the series

“A mix of good mystery, writing and music,” would be a correct answer. If you are thinking “What is a schattenjäger?”, you will find the answer in the game series written by Jane Jensen. The first game, Sins of the Fathers, could not appear at a different time. Published in 1993, it came at the end of the golden age of adventure games: targeting the broadest audience possible was not the priority and companies were spending on lavish productions (the package included a companion full-color comic book) even though the genre has a high cost of content creation (compared to laying new levels for first-person shooters). Continues » 

Death Populistic

A Napster lawsuit affair, a documentary with the feel of a reality show, and now a CD with crippled sound. It seems like Metallica have become better in stirring controversy than writing songs.

‘Death Magnetic’ might well be the loudest- and lousiest-sounding mass-marketed album. Its dynamic range is compressed into a monolithic wall of noise. Apparently, volume sells and sound mixes are more and more influenced as we change our habits to listening on the go. But despite all the slick iPods, the limitations inherent in today’s digital technology still mean there is only so many bits to describe how loud the sound is. People deciding this for ‘Death Magnetic’ failed to realize that “when everyone’s super, no one will be.” (A point made in ‘The Incredibles.’) Continues »