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The Relativity of Time

a train rushing behind watches

Time is peculiar. Given how many things depend on, or are linked to time, there is very little we know about it for certain (on scientific and philosophical level; we usually know plenty enough about time when we are running late for a meeting). Despite the pseudo-technical title, this article offers observations on the nature of time as it appears to us, humans. Having enough time is not trivial and it plays an important part in the quality of life. As Seneca said: “There is nothing the busy man is less busied with than living.” Continues » 

A Philosophical Question

“What would you ask if there was God?” a printed ad in a tram asked me, and other passangers, on my way to the office. Identity of the group behind the ad aside, the question struck me by how it missed the primary concern. My first-hand experience is that people most prominently ask “Is there a God?” Continues »