“With millions of blogs around, why add one more?” That was the question I asked myself when I started Soukie’s Place ten years ago, in September 2008. My answer was predictable:

“First of all, this site does not fall within most definitions of what a blog is. My goal with Soukie’s Place is to look for interesting aspects of issues spanning a variety of subjects that interest me, bring them to the attention of the readers in a concise way, and gain better insights while doing so.”

I set out the following criteria for what I was trying to achieve:

  • Each article must contain something original, and it must have ‘value’ in terms of preparation, presentation and content.
  • The content and style are not catering to the widest audience possible (through ‘dumbing down,’ or choice of topics).
  • The writing needs to be objective and sensitive but not to the point of losing any ‘voice’ or point of view. I like reading articles with opinions because they allow me to shape my own opinions, even if I sometimes disagree with them.

The goal was not, and is not, to make money (there is no advertisement, and I am not tracking the readers). This still gives me the freedom to write in the way outlined above. In closing, if you found an article on Soukie’s Place that you liked, then I have accomplished my goal.

Enjoy the reading!

Pavel Soukenik